Hello, my name is Vera Smirnova. I am a traveler by desire, by choice, and by life circumstance. Born in Russia, raised in a Czech-heritage family I changed my country of residence twice, both times starting from scratch: learning a new language, making new friends, coping with the difficulties of being a foreigner...  But along the way, I learned that being a foreigner has its advantages, too. You can look into local life from another perspective, you learn to see through the cultural enclosure and into the pure essence of people. You stop judging and begin to accept and enjoy life as it is.

Being a photographer, I often look at things from a different angle or from a broader perspective. Being a writer, I am interested in people: I like to watch them, feel their moods, and interact with them. For this reason I learn new languages for easier communication. Being an amateur cook and baker, I like to get familiar with local cuisine and collect recipes from all over the world.

I have many years of experience in travel planning and organizing. The idea of writing a travel blog and sharing my tips, tricks and observations was buzzing around in my head for some time and now that dream came alive, ready for a free flight. Enjoy!

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