Lake Tahoe: Emerald Bay

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Emerald Bay is, perhaps, the most photographed place on lake Tahoe. No art gallery can do without its stunning view captured by numerous photographers. If you'd like to view it in "live" mode, you'll have to roll out of bed (or sleeping bag) very early in order to be there at least 20-30 minutes before sunrise. In June, for example, the sunrise would be around 5 a.m. And believe me, it is very well worth the effort! You'll never forget that extravaganza of colors, like an ever-changing painting, an amazing light show unfolding before your eyes.

When the sun is up, you may enjoy some hikes in the area, such as on the Eagle Falls or Bay View trails. There is also a possibility to walk down to the lake by way of a 1.7 mile trail leading to one of the first vacation sites in the area: Vikingsholm, built in 1929 by Lennart Palme, a Swedish architect for Mrs. Lora Josephine Knight. She thought that Emerald Bay reminded her of Swedish fjords and wanted the mansion to bear a similarity to a Scandinavian castle. It now belongs to the Emerald Bay State Park and is open for tours in the summer.

As you gaze upon Emerald Bay, you'll see Lake Tahoe’s only island, called Fannette Island. It also used to be Lora Josephine Knight's property in the 1920-s, where a small tea house was built for Vikingsholm's guests. You can still see the ruins of this tea house.  Another interesting fact about the island: in the years 1863-1973 it was the home of a man known as "Captain Dick" who came from England and built a small house, chapel and a tomb for himself on the island. Ironically, that tomb was never used, because Captain Dick drowned during a wild storm on the lake in 1873. The island is accessible by kayak or boat.

Next stop? After getting up so early spend a lazy day on Pope Beach or put the rest of your recharged energy into hiking Rubicon Point Lighthouse trail!

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