Wear sneakers on European trip and be in fashion!

Vera Smirnova 0 Comments

At some point, gym shoes have become an apple of discord in the world of travel advisors. Those who call for blending with locals while traveling in Europe proclaim sneakers a big "no-no" and predict that all Europeans will look on you disapprovingly and laugh in your face, because gym shoes are not worn on the street. Others, whose motto is "If it is convenient - wear it!" would say that gym and mountain hiking shoes along with yoga shorts or convertible pants and hat with a mosquito net are perfectly appropriate in any European city.

We all know where the truth is - in the middle! Yes, gym shoes are meant for a gym workout, but boy, they are so comfortable for day-long city walks! Well, shoe designers and fashion stylists heard us. Hooray!  Now there is a category of footwear called "lifestyle sneakers" or "city sneakers" - this is what we were waiting for! Basically, they are pretty similar to gym shoes with all that comfort and support, but with a bit of a different design - less sporty, more posh. One can wear them with almost any outfit: be it dress, skirt, jeans, shorts, culottes, or anything else.
Browse this collection of photographs of shop windows made in Rome in spring 2019 for ideas and inspiration.

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